I believe that committing to therapy can be one of the most helpful decisions that you can make- and feel proud of. You’re investing in yourself and in your relationships- taking action on your anxieties and stressors that may now feel overwhelming to handle alone.


The therapeutic relationship is a powerful one when clients feel connected with me as their therapist. Change happens when you don’t feel the need to filter yourself and you feel safe and comfortable to be vulnerable in sharing your experience. As your therapist I want you to know I am honored to be privy to your life experiences, challenges and I approach our conversations with compassion versus criticism. My style to therapy is collaborative and down to earth. What is important to you is important to me and our conversations are guided around what you are needing most.

I specialize in working with clients who are preparing for marriage (pre-marital counseling), preparing for children (pre-parent counseling), new parents (post-baby counseling), individuals needing help managing stress and anxiety, and couples and families dealing with conflict and ineffective communication. I am also a certified Bringing Baby Home Educator and level one certified Gottman Couples Therapist.


It can be intimidating to meet someone for the first time to then offer your life story and greatest struggles. As your Therapist, my focus first is to create a safe and connected space for you to feel at ease.Together, we will determine the areas you feel need changing and I will continue to offer helpful observations along the way. My focus in therapy is (and will always be) on you- where you are from, where you are now, and where you are wanting to be. 

Because it is important to me you feel comfortable within our therapeutic relationship- and with me as your Therapist- I offer a no-charge 10 minute phone consultation prior to our first session. Contact me today.

You may be at the point in your relationship where you feel like everything you and your partner has tried is failing. Conflict may feel as if it is now the norm in your relationship and separation and disconnection consumes you. I am here to help.

Does Your Relationship Connect To...

- a constant lack of communication between you and your partner-you feel disconnected or unheard

sexual intimacy becoming an obstacle and you are wanting it to be different- it can be helpful to sort through these obstacles with an unbiased third party

- needing a way to resolve conflict in a way that works for you and your partner-minimize constant fighting

-  feelings of resentment towards your partner- it is exhausting to feel this way, and you want to feel differently

- feeling as if you and your partner are drifting apartfeeling like roommates not romantic partners

- your relationship is greatly impacted by a health diagnosis- supporting one another and working through this can be one of life's and your relationship's greatest challenges

- needing to repair the relationship after an affairwhether it is an emotional or sexual affair

- having increased conflict because of differences in parenting styles/becoming a new parent- parenting is hard, it may be time to redefine how the two of you want to parent together

-  barriers to trust in your relationship- past trauma or abuse leaves you hesitant

- needing to better balance work and family for greater connection-things are not as simple as they used to be and you want to be better connected

These are only some common topics, contact me to schedule a free 10 minute phone consultation. 


You prepare for your wedding day, why not prepare for your marriage, too?

Congrats on your upcoming nuptials and let the fun begin! Planning for the wedding day brings about lots of excitement as well as stress. While preparing for your wedding is super important, so is planning and preparing for your marriage!

As a couples and family therapist I am a part of a state program, Twogether in Texas, that offers marriage education workshops and counseling to help couples continue to build on the good in their relationships as well as prepare with each other for potential challenges ahead.

Pre-Marital Counseling became a specialty of mine because I think it is the ideal time for couples to prepare for getting married whether you are getting married for the first time or making a new start. It is a proactive way of being in your relationship versus reactive. We will look at hopes, fears, and expectations around getting married and anything else you need to discuss. 

Pre-Marital Counseling Can Help your relationship:

  • Create a firm foundation for dealing with arguments and differences
  • Gain insight into how each partner's family background can contribute to the dynamic of your relationship 
  • Understand each other's needs more clearly
  • Appreciate the strengths you each bring to the relationship
  • Have a safe space to explore your expectations of each other
  • With second marriages involving children, learn how to adapt to the blended family dynamic

what is twogether in texas?

Twogether in Texas is a state program created to help couples in Texas prepare for healthy marriages through pre-marital counseling and education. You receive perks from the state if you complete 8 hours of pre-marital counseling sessions with a registered provider. 

As a registered provider of Twogether in Texas, if you complete one of my counseling options below you will receive the following from the state:


- a $60 discount on your marriage license

- exempt from the 3-day waiting period after receiving your license



What Are My Options For Pre-Marital Counseling?

private Pre-Marital counseling:

1. Twogether in Texas Option:

Schedule either eight standard 50 minute sessions or four lengthened two hour sessions. Some couples like to have the sessions scheduled out weeks, months, or even days leading up to their wedding day to receive the aforementioned perks through the Twogether in Texas program.

Please Note: I offer a discounted hourly rate when sessions are scheduled and paid for in advance.

2. Go With The Flow Option:

Schedule sessions as needed. In my work with couples I find that it takes at least six to eight 50 minute sessions to cover all of the pre-marital marriage topics. If you go with the flow and end up with eight sessions prior to your wedding day you will also receive the perks through Twogether in Texas.


Contact me for more information. 

All families possess strengths and challenges. As your Therapist I want to help your family build on the strengths you already have to help combat the challenges. Families can face struggles during times of transitions. While families can feel connected and happy during these changes or transitions, there are also times when conflict increases and communication breaks down.  

Does Your Family Connect To...

- wanting to communicate but it always ends in an argument or fight- you want strategies to help communicate in a way everyone feels heard

- constantly dealing with conflict- knowing what is triggering the conflict and finding new ways to minimize the conflict would be helpful

- now being a blended family and the dynamic is different- the new dynamic may be challenging and new expectations and roles may need to be established

- discouragement with parenting your children-it is tiring to try many options with your children or teen and not feel your parenting is working

- recently experiencing a major life transition- you may be experiencing grief and loss during this time of transition and want help navigating the change

- your family is greatly impacted by a health diagnosis- supporting one another and working through this can be one of life's and your family's greatest challenges

- a history of trauma within your family- feelings from previous trauma are hard to understand and put behind you

- one or more members of the family are experiencing depression or anxiety- your family needs support to support other family members

- you and your siblings are now adults, but there are still lingering family issues causing conflict-
you want your family to be at ease

While these are some common topics for family therapy, my approach is to start therapy with your family where help is needed most. Contact me today.

free 15 minute PHONE CONSULTATION:

The goal of our phone conversation is for us to briefly meet each other and explore if counseling is a good fit for your needs. Our conversation is to assess strengths, goals and to determine if we are a therapeutic fit.


The rate for couples and families is $120 per session. If my fee is an obstacle in making an appointment please contact me for a phone consultation to discuss.

types of payment accepted:

I accept cash, check, credit cards and health savings account (HSA) cards. 

give the gift of counseling:

Are you close to someone you would like to give the gift of counseling to? I offer electronic gift certificates for you to gift to your loved ones. To purchase a gift certificate for counseling click here


It may be possible for you to file an out-of-network service for reimbursement as your health insurance or employee benefit plan may offer coverage for this service. I can provide you with paperwork to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement as an out-of-network provider for certain insurance plans. It will be most helpful to check with your insurance company to review your out-of-network mental health benefits. 


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