I am from Austin, TX and have always enjoyed living in the Texas hill country. I am a fan of the simple things and work towards living a stress free life. Ever since I can remember, my passion always has been with people and their relationships- whether this relationship be with a friend, family member, or romantic partner. I believe the nature of these relationships, or the lack of relationships, directly impact our day to day lives and happiness. 

I have my Masters of Arts in Counseling from St.Edward's University and am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate. I specialize in and work mainly with couples and families experiencing high levels of conflict, lack of/ineffective communication, and overall disconnection and disruption in these relationships. In addition, I help couples prepare for their marriage with Pre-Marital Counseling. My private practice is located in South Austin and I am supervised by Brad Kennington, LMFT, LPC. I am also a part of a specialty group practice, The Practice ATX, where we provide evidence-based counseling and therapy services for children, adults and families.


It can be intimidating to meet someone for the first time to then offer your life story and greatest struggles. As your Therapist, my focus first is to create a safe and connected space for you to feel at ease. I am a collaborative therapist which means what is important to you is important to me. Together, we will determine the areas you feel need changing and I will continue to offer helpful observations along the way. My focus in therapy is (and will always be) on you- where you are from, where you are now, and where you are wanting to be. 

Because it is important to me you feel comfortable within our therapeutic relationship- and with me as your Therapist- I offer a no-charge 10 minute phone consultation prior to our first session. Contact me today.