Hi! I am Mandi and I am happy you found me. You are probably starting the search for a therapist and I am here to help. 

I believe that committing to therapy can be one of the most helpful decisions that you can make- and feel proud of. You’re investing in yourself and in your relationships- taking action on your anxieties and stressors that may now feel overwhelming to handle alone.

The therapeutic relationship is a powerful one when clients feel connected with me as their therapist. Change happens when you don’t feel the need to filter yourself and you feel safe and comfortable to be vulnerable in sharing your experience. As your therapist I want you to know I am honored to be privy to your life experiences, challenges and I approach our conversations with compassion versus criticism. My style to therapy is collaborative and down to earth. What is important to you is important to me and our conversations are guided around what you are needing most.

I specialize in working with clients who are preparing for marriage (pre-marital counseling), preparing for children (pre-parent counseling), new parents (post-baby counseling), individuals needing help managing stress and anxiety, and couples and families dealing with conflict and ineffective communication. I am also a certified Bringing Baby Home Educator and level one certified Gottman Couples Therapist.


It can be intimidating to meet someone for the first time to then offer your life story and greatest struggles. As your Therapist, my focus first is to create a safe and connected space for you to feel at ease.Together, we will determine the areas you feel need changing and I will continue to offer helpful observations along the way. My focus in therapy is (and will always be) on you- where you are from, where you are now, and where you are wanting to be. 

Because it is important to me you feel comfortable within our therapeutic relationship- and with me as your Therapist- I offer a no-charge 10 minute phone consultation prior to our first session. Contact me today.