You may be at the point in your relationship where you feel like everything you and your partner has tried is failing. Conflict may feel as if it is now the norm in your relationship and separation and disconnection consumes you. I am here to help.

Does Your Relationship Connect To...

- a constant lack of communication between you and your partner-you feel disconnected or unheard

sexual intimacy becoming an obstacle and you are wanting it to be different- it can be helpful to sort through these obstacles with an unbiased third party

- needing a way to resolve conflict in a way that works for you and your partner-minimize constant fighting

-  feelings of resentment towards your partner- it is exhausting to feel this way, and you want to feel differently

- feeling as if you and your partner are drifting apartfeeling like roommates not romantic partners

- your relationship is greatly impacted by a health diagnosis- supporting one another and working through this can be one of life's and your relationship's greatest challenges

- needing to repair the relationship after an affairwhether it is an emotional or sexual affair

- having increased conflict because of differences in parenting styles/becoming a new parent- parenting is hard, it may be time to redefine how the two of you want to parent together

-  barriers to trust in your relationship- past trauma or abuse leaves you hesitant

- needing to better balance work and family for greater connection-things are not as simple as they used to be and you want to be better connected

These are only some common topics, contact me to schedule a free 10 minute phone consultation.