You prepare for your wedding day, why not prepare for your marriage, too?

Congrats on your upcoming nuptials and let the fun begin! Planning for the wedding day brings about lots of excitement as well as stress. While preparing for your wedding is super important, so is planning and preparing for your marriage!

As a couples and family therapist I am a part of a state program, Twogether in Texas, that offers marriage education workshops and counseling to help couples continue to build on the good in their relationships as well as prepare with each other for potential challenges ahead.

Pre-Marital Counseling became a specialty of mine because I think it is the ideal time for couples to prepare for getting married whether you are getting married for the first time or making a new start. It is a proactive way of being in your relationship versus reactive. We will look at hopes, fears, and expectations around getting married and anything else you need to discuss. 

Pre-Marital Counseling Can Help your relationship:

  • Create a firm foundation for dealing with arguments and differences
  • Gain insight into how each partner's family background can contribute to the dynamic of your relationship 
  • Understand each other's needs more clearly
  • Appreciate the strengths you each bring to the relationship
  • Have a safe space to explore your expectations of each other
  • With second marriages involving children, learn how to adapt to the blended family dynamic

what is twogether in texas?

Twogether in Texas is a state program created to help couples in Texas prepare for healthy marriages through pre-marital counseling and education. You receive perks from the state if you complete 8 hours of pre-marital counseling sessions with a registered provider. 

As a registered provider of Twogether in Texas, if you complete one of my counseling options below you will receive the following from the state:


- a $60 discount on your marriage license

- exempt from the 3-day waiting period after receiving your license



What Are My Options For Pre-Marital Counseling?


Option 1: Pre-Marital Counseling and Workshop Package- $425

This first option offers a blended approach for pre-marital counseling where each couple receives the benefit of meeting privately with me as the therapist as well as having a shared experience with other engaged couples. 

This package includes:

1. Initial Private 50 Minute Couples Pre-Marital Therapy Session:

During our time together we will discuss the strengths and opportunities in your relationship. This time together before the workshop allows me to get to know you and your needs prior to your workshop with other couples. We will schedule this session prior to the couples' workshop.

2. Weekend Day Workshop With Other Couples:

This is an exciting time in your relationship and meeting with other couples is a fun way to discuss common marriage topics and dilemmas. It can also be enlightening to hear other peoples' experiences as well as what works/and maybe what doesn't for other relationships. These workshops are scheduled in advance. Click here to view currently scheduled workshops. You can also click one of the buttons below to register for the specific counseling and workshop package you are interested in.

3. Follow-Up Private 50 Minute Couples Pre-Marital Therapy Session:

After our couples workshop each couple and I will then schedule a follow up session after the workshop. This session can be scheduled quickly following the workshop or you may decide to wait and schedule it for a couple weeks later. It's your call and I am flexible. 


Option 2: private Pre-Marital counseling package:

This is a great option for those who would prefer their pre-martial counseling in a private setting with just the three of us. You also have options as to how you want these sessions to be scheduled. 

1. Twogether in Texas Option:

Schedule either eight standard 50 minute sessions or four lengthened two hour sessions. Some couples like to have the sessions scheduled out weeks, months, or even days leading up to their wedding day to receive the aforementioned perks through the Twogether in Texas program.

Please Note: I offer a discounted hourly rate when sessions are scheduled and paid for in advance.

2. Go With The Flow Option:

Schedule sessions as needed. In my work with couples I find that it takes at least four to six 50 minute sessions to cover all of the pre-marital marriage topics. If you go with the flow and end up with eight sessions prior to your wedding day you will also receive the perks through Twogether in Texas.


Contact me for more information.