All families possess strengths and challenges. As your Therapist I want to help your family build on the strengths you already have to help combat the challenges. Families can face struggles during times of transitions. While families can feel connected and happy during these changes or transitions, there are also times when conflict increases and communication breaks down.  

Does Your Family Connect To...

- wanting to communicate but it always ends in an argument or fight- you want strategies to help communicate in a way everyone feels heard

- constantly dealing with conflict- knowing what is triggering the conflict and finding new ways to minimize the conflict would be helpful

- now being a blended family and the dynamic is different- the new dynamic may be challenging and new expectations and roles may need to be established

- discouragement with parenting your children-it is tiring to try many options with your children or teen and not feel your parenting is working

- recently experiencing a major life transition- you may be experiencing grief and loss during this time of transition and want help navigating the change

- your family is greatly impacted by a health diagnosis- supporting one another and working through this can be one of life's and your family's greatest challenges

- a history of trauma within your family- feelings from previous trauma are hard to understand and put behind you

- one or more members of the family are experiencing depression or anxiety- your family needs support to support other family members

- you and your siblings are now adults, but there are still lingering family issues causing conflict-
you want your family to be at ease

While these are some common topics for family therapy, my approach is to start therapy with your family where help is needed most. Contact me today.